er of visitors that toured the general exhibition fair, as well as the entertainment, different Expo pavilions elected by different countries and the wonderful La Ronde, which represented everything that an amusement park should be (10).
The theme of Nationalism was pronounced the loudest during this fair, than in any other event of the Canadian history. Nevertheless, the success of the 1967 Canadian International and Universal Exposition did not occur without challenges, and the success was only achieved through the sacrifices, determination, commitment and hard work of various key individuals (). Nevertheless, despite the wave of nationalism that was created by the Expo 67 general fair, the concept of male dominance is reflected in the buildup, construction and planning of Expo 67, where all the major players in the preparation of the Expo happened to be men (). Additionally, while the event is one of the major nationalism pronounced event, the nationalism, patriotism and loyalty of the Canadian business community was put into question during this major event. Therefore, this discussion seeks to analyze the Canadian 1967 International and Universal Exposition as a major Canadian nationalism pronouncement event, while still assessing the concept of male dominance in Canada in 20th century, as represented by this major event.
The accomplishment and success of Canadian 1967 International and Universal Exposition did not come easy, and it took the strong will of a group of men who later came to be known as the ‘Les Durs’, interpreted to mean’ the tough guys’ (). Jean Drapeau, a key figure in the planning, construction and launch of the Expo 67 was the mayor of Montreal at the time, and his commitment to the success of the project still stands as a great show of nationalism. Jean Drapeau did no6t only have a vision for the Expo 67, but also for Expo 68, 69, 70 and so on, by seeking to use the Expo 67 infrastructure as the fairground that would fulfill its

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