Owing to the increasing requirements of people, higher environmental consciousness of the public, inadequate resources and high level of competition in the commercial marketplace, the contractors are required to enhance their ability in order to develop their performance based on these aspects. Accumulatively, the aforementioned factors tend to have a significant influence on the quality delivered by the construction industry. Furthermore, there are other factors which also impose a certain degree of impact on the quality of the construction industry can be identified as construction materials, management and training of employees, and capability of contractors.
In the UAE, the government tends to provide significant consideration for the construction industry. Governmental reports, in this regards, reveal that the construction segment in the UAE has seen an era of the remarkable boom, especially prior to 2007-2008 financial downturn when the industry was negatively impacted by the consequent debt crisis. During the economic failure of 2007, several construction projects in UAE were postponed or canceled. Furthermore, the intense changes in micro-environmental factors such as markets, customers and competitors along with the confidence of construction organizations in the UAE was observed to reduce considerably where the market players started reconsidering their business strategies. Contextually, several organizations had experienced problems for adjusting with the changes occurring in the international business environment. Due to lack of readiness to adjust with the changing business circumstances, most of the construction organizations were forced to adopt survival strategies rather than growth strategies during the past few years which imposed a considerable impact on the quality assurance rendered by the company (Oryx Middle East, n.d.).
Despite the above circumstances, UAE has a high probability of growth in its construction segment. The rise of oil price in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) region initiates several big construction projects in the UAE.&nbsp.

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