Family Treatment of the al Affiliation With the abuse of drugs amongst teen on the rise, this research tries to propose a way in which the already addicted teens can be helped. It is on this background that I came up with the proposal to use Family treatment as a treatment measure for the teens. The Family treatment toward the adolescent in relation to drug and substances abuse has been proven to be an efficient method (Cui et al, 2012). The non-experimental research design falls under broad categories of strategies used in investigation in which the person tasked with the research work observes the natural occurrence of the phenomena and does not introduce any external variable. In this method, variables are not manipulated deliberately, and no one controls their settings. One such method used in this design is survey among the adolescent. Survey includes self-reporting that is the participants are asked about their feeling, their views, and their experience so far.
Non-experimental design has several advantages but the most common one is that the design does not interfere with the day to day activities of an individual. The use of survey for example merely needs shallow data gathering on the individuals feelings (Cui et al, 2012). Also the method going by its definition of natural occurrence of phenomena, there are no externally induced factors that may upset the sampling population. The use of short survey on this method too limits the interaction between the researcher and the subject since he/she only provide the study which he/she collects later for data analysis.
Active involvement in research population life may make them upset that is, when carrying out a study on human beings, the use of treatment or experiment on them may go against their normal functions, interfere with their privacy. These are not common in the non-experimental design making it the best method to handle rampant teens (Muteki, Swaminathan, Sekulic &amp. Reid, 2011).
On the sampling method to be used in carrying out this design I would go for the non-probability sampling due to both time and resource constraint. Also this is best since the sampled population is selected because I can easily access them. Also non-probability will allow me to choose subjects that are easy to recruit.
The method of research measurement that I would use in this case is ordinary Scale. This involves ranking the population according to the range of characteristics they display. The scaling put classifications of items are according to the shared characteristics. The different categories on these scales have ordered relationship. This will help to distinguish the degree of difference and progress in the family treatment. The procedure methods will be through survey which is mostly accepted. I will go to each of the teen and survey the proceeding that go on in the healing process during the family gathering. It will be easier for me to prove the changes that the teen undergoes throughout the process. The only limitation is on the coverage area which is very widespread. Traveling to each household during family gathering will be quite a challenge for me and the team.
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