The paper "Fashion Designer Term Project" discovers such designers as Tommy Hilfiger and Kenneth Cole. Fashion designer Tommy Hilfiger born 1951 is an American citizen. He is also the founder of Tommy Hilfiger Corporation which is a first-class lifestyle brand. At 25, Hilfiger set up a shop called the peoples place in New York City. Tommy Hilfiger is considered great because the designer designs clothes for men, women and children. Furthermore, he designs accessories too. On the other hand, Tommy Hilfiger has a positive and powerful reputation internationally because his designs are classic and trendy at the same time. Due to this, majority of his designs are preferred by the elite class. This has made his designs ironically to be very popular since people admire the high quality of his designs. Tommy Hilfiger’s anesthetic characteristic that I like the most is his use of color. Tommy choice of colors is playful but serious at the same time. This is because most of his labels are all in red, blue and white. The store has some contemporary designs that were inspired by these colors and are on display. Most of the color printing done on the shirts and dresses was inspired by Tommy Hilfiger. In some respect, I assume is a representation of his country that he is so proud of, but I think it is a statement decision. The color red is bold, sexy and passionate. a statement which I think Tommy wants the client to feel when purchasing the clothes. The color blue is cool, calm and assuring a feeling.

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