Financial projections PharmaStaff is a staffing agent that provides scheduling relief to businesses and to match qualified professionals with companies to form successful work relationships. The start-up cost includes setting up office, capital equipment, location and admin expenses, launching website, advertising and promotional expenses. All these costs will be incurred at the start of the business. Nonetheless, advertisement and promotional costs will ripple across the months. Initially, large sums of funds will be directed towards advertisement but will decrease as the business picks up. The following financial projections are based on pharmacist’s salary forecasts for the next 5 years.
Short-term projection of the first year
First month – This forms the initial business phase and the number of employees will not be as much as it is project to be later. Similarly, the earnings are likely to be less.
10 pharmacists start-up
Assuming each makes $60 per hour and work 40 hours weekly = about $ 86400 after tax) We generate income by making 10% off what pharmacists make =$8,000 first month
Setting up an office costs will amount to $2400 initially.
Capital equipment will be purchased at a cost of $5,000.
Advertisement expenses in the first year will cost $ 1800 after which the costs will reduce to $1,000 every month for the other months of the year.
The website will cost $ 1,500 to set up and fully put into operations.
Thereafter additional pharmacists will be recruited to raise the number to 30.
Assuming recruited 30 pharmacists
Based on the previous assumption that each dentist makes $60 per hour and work 40 hours weekly, the costs will rise to $ 864,000 per month after tax deductions.
Generate about $24,000/month for each dentist
End of first year will generate about $250,000
Five- year projection: this is the projection for the five year duration.
Expanding business with more pharmacists, corporates
It is assumed that the costs for payment of the dentists will rise by 15% every year and revenues will rise by 20% for every dentist.
PharmaStaff will generate $250,000 of operating revenue in its first year of functioning. We will require an initial investment of 25,000, all of which will have been recovered by the end of year one in cash. By the end of year five, we expect to have cash and accounts receivable aggregating about one million dollars. This will main originate from client payments for the services they receive as well as the outstanding amounts owed by the pharmacies to which the services will be extended.

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