Capa was urging photographers to get near and feel the energy of their subjects, which is likely to deliver a more intimate and emotional image with considerable impact to the viewer. In the same token as cultural objects, photographers derive meaning from their context with the most essential aspect in photography being to interact naturally with the subject (Marien 281). The composition of photography can be dictated by the photographer’s position relative to the subject. Indeed, up close snap shots isolates and puts emphasis on the subject, but the photographer should live room for cropping without distortion of the subjects and the surroundings. James Nachtwey James Nachtwey has covered stories from a war zone in places such as Afghanistan, Bosnia, Kosovo, Rwanda, and South Africa. The images of destruction and slaughter inspired James to become a war photographer. The quote expresses the significance of pictures in bearing testimony for the photographer and all humanity, and the events captured by the camera lens provide irrefutable evidence, especially during war times (Marien 289). Pictures provided a living proof of events and a permanent proof that cannot be forgotten. Pictures capture both good and bad times can be employed as an advocacy tool, especially highlighting things that cannot be forgotten, and which must not be repeated. …
Pictures offer inferential anchoring and representation to enable the audience the experiences depicted, besides acting as a testimony (Warner 86). Robert Frank Frank’s photography gained prominence at a time when the sphere of American existentialism and Beat generation hauteur was at its peak, at a time when there was an emphasis on cool, self-absorbed rebelliousness within the face of narrow social conformity. As such, Frank can be considered as part of a wide artistic resistance movement seeking to use photography as a vehicle that expresses their creative self (Marien 340). The quote emphasizes the role of individuals to exploit photography as a potent tool that photographers can exploit to exhibit their creative self, but the photographer is not truly alone but in the company of his or her subjects. Photography provides a process of self-discovery and introspection. moreover, photography provides individuals with a stage on which they can share intimate visual experiences with others. Indeed, photography is an intensely personal journey, whereby in creating an image and disclosing the images to others, individuals are also disclosing a part of what is inside them. The images and descriptions aids individuals to gain insight into their own potential for generating own potential for creative and highly personal image making. Duane Michals Michals argue that the best part of individuals is not what they see, but what they feel. Individuals are not their eyeballs but their mind. hence, people have the capacity to define their medium, instead of waiting for the medium to define them. The most powerful aspect of photographs lies in making people see things in new ways. Photographers should pave&nbsp.the way&

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