The adoption of fire safety measures depends greatly on the construction designs of buildings and equipment used. These factors have to be overseen in the framework of fire safety management an initiative driven by the management at various hospitals within Ireland. The hospitals and other health care facilities have come up with guidelines for association with fire authority, applying for fire certificates and finally auditing and sustaining the fire safety measures as provided in the fire certificates. The department of HPSS (Health social services and public safety) has ensured that all hospitals within Northern Ireland adhere to the fire safety measures. In Ireland, the body responsible for ensuring fire safety in development control and planning is the Local Authority Building control officers under the department of environment and HPSS. The assessment takes place either on plans or at the site at any stage of development. In addition planning and development are two different entities that are to say that permits issued by the planning officers to developers does not entail building regulations and vice versa.
Initially, the department of the environment was responsible for development control. It issued a draft of regulations that entailed technical necessities that laid out the procedures and guidelines of compliance. Later on a few local authorities in urban centers used by- laws to inspect development by the by-law officers because residents were moving from rural areas to urban areas in search of opportunities leading to an increase in population in urban areas and more buildings to cater to the new industries. This was later replaced by the building regulation adopted in 1992 which called for compliance by all architects and developers throughout the country. However, according to the Fire regulation act of 1982 majority of local authorities in Ireland, an inspection of new buildings was the responsibility of fire officers who were also charged with the responsibility of installation of fire safety&nbsp.gadgets in buildings.

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