Various types of banking risks will also be notified. With this in mind, the study will go on to ascertain existing gender diversities on corporate management of these institutions and effect of that diversity on risk taking as measured by performance indicators such as economic growth or crisis. This will enable the researcher to find out how the differences between male and female managers’ leadership behaviour affect management of risk within banks.Since all this activity is expected to generate volumes of material, a clear methodological approach is needed for clarity of focus. This chapter presents the research approach, research design, sampling method, sample size, types of data, sources of data, and how data will be analysed. The research approach discusses the orientation, philosophical basis and modes of conducting the study. Design includes sampling, data types, variables, data sources, data collection techniques and mechanisms adopted for this research. Even though the study is conducted as a secondary data research, the researcher used quantitative methods where manifest approach to content analysis is employed. As part of the quantitative nature of the secondary research, data is gathered from several sources to form variables that help to quantify leadership based on leadership diversities. In line with the second theme, bank risk among the banks in which the sample size was built is measured and related to the outcome of leadership diversities. In effect, the methodology chapter gives an overview on how data will be used in quantitative form of assessment to relate leadership diversities to bank risk. The chapter winds up with a summary.The population of the study refers to all people within the research setting with whom there is some level of possibility of including in the sample size. For this study, the research setting used US and UK banks. Through two major

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