Modern developments in health practices have seen many people receive treatment for different accidents and ailments in and resume normal life. The fear of involving in an accident should not however override the motivation to participate and keep fit. There have been several examples from different parts of the world about people who broke their limbs while driving, playing or involvement in dangerous activities. Some of this people received treatment through amputation and psychiatric interventions and resumed normal life.
The sporting activity has witnessed several people participate in sports as normal people after they were amputed. For instance, in South Africa, Oscar Pistorious, a renowned athlete, has been successful in middle distance running, scooping various medals in national and international events. Successful amputation of his legs enabled him to reach his goal of winning medals at national and international level. In fact, the Paralympics federation has been on the forefront encouraging people with physical disabilities of whichever kind to participate in different sports activities.
Sarah, you need to know that hurting a leg while cycling, and managing to get successful rehabilitation should not be a worry and a reason for not to get back to riding again. One of the things that happen in most of the people that have encountered accidents is the fear of re-occurrence of the accident again in related activities. The fact that an accident happened when participating in an activity does not provide the probability that the same will happen in subsequent participations. It is important that you embrace a positive spirit and not hang on previous hurtful experiences.
One of the things that is likely to happen when you hold on discouraging thoughts especially after such an accident is that you may develop stress and depression. It has always been

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