1. General Motors is the largest car manufacturer in the world. The firm’s target product is pickup trucks. The company in the 1980s was struggling to attract customers that were looking for a low price compact car. Due to the necessity to attract these customers, Chevy created the Saturn brand. The Saturn brand served the purpose of segmenting the market in order for the company to generate more revenues.
The segment of customers that Saturn is targeting is the customer that buys imported compact cars. A lot of Americans do not perceive Saturn to be an American made car. The Saturn brand provided value to the customers by offering top quality and reliability at a reasonable price point.
A way that Saturn was able to differentiate itself from other car brands was by running an operation that focuses a lot on corporate social responsibility. Human resources at Saturn gave equal opportunities to women, ethnic minorities, and people with disabilities. Saturn uses environmentally friendly manufacturing processes and it gives back a lot to the community through its philanthropic initiatives.
I believe that GM will be able to accomplish its goals with the New Saturn. The firm created a variety of car models that have very attractive features including hybrid car models.&nbsp.

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