Globalization has smudged the boundaries of nations. Companies are trying to diversify their business in different parts of the world and hence are required to cater to the worldwide customer base. Thus, people need a fast and reliable mode of transportation to move from one place to another or more specifically from one country to another at a minimum possible of time. This growing demand for fast and reliable transportation positively affected the airline industry positively. Today, one can travel from one place to another just within few hours. This makes people call Earth a global village where distances between two places in not of much importance.

Globalization has directly affected the global aviation industry. Today, this industry is one of the largest sectors in terms of revenue generation capability, a number of consumers who use the service provided by this sector and also the number of rival companies operating in it. With time, this sector has seen major changes in terms of ownership. Initially, the aviation industry used to be public sector units where the governments of nations were responsible for developing and providing aviation services to the people. However, after the privatisation of this sector, great changes were witnessed in this sector. With time, the number of companies operating in this sector has increased which has resulted in a high degree of competition among the rival companies. Companies introduced several innovative business strategies to cater to customers’ needs in an innovative and creative manner.&nbsp.&nbsp.

While starting any kind of research, it is quite essential to have a research question. The research question explains “what one actually wants to interpret out of the research” (Flick, 2009, p.324). Therefore, the research question clearly states the aim of conducting the research. The whole of the research aims to find out the answer to this research question

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