Habits Full Everyone forms habits as they grow older because of reasons such as enjoyment, satisfaction and self-worthiness. Such habits can be acquired through associative learning wherein a person associates good feelings or gaining a reward when doing something. It can also be picked up through cognitive learning wherein a person develops habits based from the information s/he gains. Personally, I have the habit of painting whenever I am bored or lonely. As child, I was encouraged to work on my coloring books and I was often praised by my parents when my work was beautiful. Whenever I received awards because of my coloring tasks, my parents often brought me to my favorite restaurant for my favorite foods. It felt good to feel special so as I was growing up, I learned to paint because I wanted to have the same special treatment my parents showed me because of my good coloring jobs.In addition, I also have the habit of listening to music even when I am painting or doing home works. I have learned from a teacher that music relaxes a person and even brings out more of his/her creativity. With such knowledge, listening to music became a part of my routine.

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