Hobbies Hello world my is Martin Negron and I’m here to party!! Well not exactly’I’m a party person but online all I can do is socialize. Call me a social animal, socializing freak or any thing you want, but the fact is that I love socializing online. I have identities at Facebook, Orkut, MySpace and the list goes on and on. Give me a message and I’ll add you to my friends list even. My mother always complain that all I do all day long is stay on my PC, however this is not true. I do get up once every 2 hours to eat something. Lolz. Some people might not call this a hobby, but the rate at which I eat something qualifies eating as one of my favorite hobbies. I love McDonalds, and Starbucks is my home away from home. Some people like to collect to stamps, some like to paint’..I like to eat. Simple! I have yet another hobby that most people aren’t aware off. I’m a serial killer!! Yes I’m the same person who some people and even animals are afraid off. Yes…and that’s because I kill mosquitoes. I have a record hunting spree of killing 103 mosquitoes in a single hour. I kill by the dozen and that too with my bare hands. And I enjoy it. Weird right’ Well that’s me! Oh I left the favorite hobby of mine for the last. This is the most normal hobby that I have and it’s a kind of hobby that most people have. Yes I’m talking about reading books. Bookworm sounds too nerdy, yet if it had been something cool, I would be a a proud bookworm. But obviously I read E-books. Harry Potters, Lord of the Rings, Stephan Kings, Dan Browns’.you name it and I most probably would have read it. I suppose you weren’t expecting such a normal hobby from me, right’ Well, I have to say it again’that’s me ‘

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