Finally the purpose of a plan is to enable an organization reduce expenses which may occur at a future time.
To begin with, every plan and project has to have goals and objectives to be met and therefore ample time ought to be invested so that all relevant information is table. In case of fire, some on the things to consider are how the fire outbreak can occur. In some instance, fire occurs outside the premises while in few instances inside the building. The major question then is how one will handle such a case in either case. There is therefore a need to have a plan. The initial step in designing a good plan for fire emergency is to contact personnel who have dealt with such cases, for they have a wide knowledge of past experience in disaster management and therefore they would be fundamental assets for a viable emergency management fire plan (Hanna, 2008).
A good plan should define basin emergency terminologies and diagrammatically show any symbol associated with fire emergency and a clear definition of the symbol and its use and purpose. This is because the team that comes up with the plan may not be the same team that will put the plan into operation. The sequential steps and measures to pursue, incase of fire breakout, should be sequential enough and easy to implement. Furthermore, a good plan should have a list of appendix to give easy reference of information within the plan. In addition, a good plan should also be able to achieve its objectives perfectly well and also it should be subject to amendment.
Assuming that fire outbreak from outside, some of the objectives many include one, to ensure that the larger mass of patients who possible could be outside are well controlled in order to avoid any casualty. Secondly, in case of fatalities, first aid ought to be administered instantaneously to avoid further complication. In addition to that, the medial care should come up with ways of ensuring that the available

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