This paper tells that the key to effective performance is determined by the competence of the leaders and the measurement of the effectiveness is complimented by the standards that the hospital achieves (Huber, p.778). Leadership is seen as that formal role bestowed on an individual to lead the people from one designated level to the next. It is important to note that the leaders see to it that the policies that the management has put in place are followed and implemented (Huber, p.778). They have followers and it is only enough to say that the act of following is voluntary and a leader is therefore not expected to be authoritative in any manner. A manager the other hand takes the role of the authoritarian person who tells his subordinates what to do with a promise of some incentives or rewards like a salary increment or some allowance if they do the job. Managers do things right, while the leaders do the right things. This is meant to imply that the managers do things by the book whereas the leaders do things by following their own intuition and instinctive notions for the benefit of the organization (Huber, 778). Exceptional health care provided by the St. Luke’s Medical Center is mainly accredited to the Centers of Excellence and also to the internal units. The internal units are mainly used to facilitate and dedicate most of their services, facilities and specialized medical staff to specific health and medical structures and concerns. The hospital designs the centers of excellence to provide the best and most advanced treatment to the patients through the rigorously trained specialists that the medical center prides itself in and also being the only institution that has the most respected medical and institution in the region. It has very advanced technology in modern medical equipment for diagnosis, treatment, and care of a patient at its disposal.

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