The whole project is expected to cost an approximate of 294,949,980 pounds both in the construction of the structures and the provision of services for the first three months of the business’ operations. The projected gross profit of the establishment is 850,000 Pounds per month.
The resort mostly targets customers around the river Thames and the entire United Kingdom and travellers from the world over. For a start, a total of 150 staff is going to be employed and the numbers are expected to grow as time goes by. During the first year of its operations, the resort expects to host at least 30, 000 visitors both domestic and international.
The management of the resort has however foreseen challenges in terms of threats and weaknesses that they may face in establishing and running the record. Various considerations have been made and hence ways of dealing with such challenges will be devised. This will be effective in ensuring that the resort operates at the optimum level and making the maximum possible profits.
Hospitality management is a sector which has existed since time immemorial and has since then grown greatly. All countries the world over rely greatly on their hospitality sector for their economic growth and so does the United Kingdom. The hospitality management sectors like the Food Management and Operations, entertainment management, tourism, hotel management, event management and lodging operations have also been instrumental in providing job opportunities both locally and internationally and this to a great extent has contributed to the growth of economies and hence improved standards of living.
Because of this realization, the family which owns the land in which the Thames River cuts across wishes to establish a holiday centre which will be able to serve tourists and visitors from all over the land. The establishment which is to cover the whole 150 acre piece of land will accommodate a variety of structures including car park facilities for the staff and the visitors, hotels, swimming pools, fishing activities, business centre etc.
The establishment of a camping Caravan Park will be appropriate for travellers and camp groups who frequently visit the Thames River and all the tourist attraction centres within the region. Individuals of all ages will be catered for within the planned establishment. This means that students and other social societies will be our common visitors. However, all the facilities will be constructed with the varying ages of people in mind and hence it will be open to all individuals within the society. Different outlets will be constructed in line with the needs of the different age groups so that individuals of all

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