Housebound People Housebound People The images from the interviews give a clear picture of the status of the people of prefer to stay home due to various reasons (Sherron &amp. Lumsden, 2013, p117). They are practical for use in diverting the perspective of the general populace on homebound individuals. One of the strategies that are applicable in refuting the general belief is through carrying out exhibitions. Showcasing the findings to the public can be vital in diverting their ideology on homebound people. For instance, the food cooked by Erick and his roommate matched the quality available in restaurants. The matching of food quality demonstrates that the homebound people engage in constructive activities.
Presenting the images is also achievable through publications like lifestyle magazines. Presenting the courtyard done by Venessa can form part of images to validate the fact that homebound people never engage in fruitful activities. Like Erick and his roommate, Venessa is also capable preparing quality food for her guests, a fact that contradicts the general perspective on homebound people. Venessa can communicate effectively with people despite being a homebound person. Lilo, the last girl, interviewed gets inspiration from movies. Presenting her story in the print media can encourage people to do what they like.
Dynamic presentation of the images is vital in initiating social change concerning homebound people. The general belief that homebound people are lazy and do face challenges in communicating people is refutable through the images from the interview. Carrying out an exhibition of the images will demonstrate to the people the true nature of homebound individuals and bring change (Bogre, 2012, p6). In addition, publishing will provide an avenue for those who cannot access the images online to understand and adjust their view of the homebound people.
Bogre, M., 2012, Photography as Activism: Images for Social Change, Oxford: Taylor and Francis.
Sherron, R. H. &amp. Lumsden, B. D., 2013, Introduction to Educational Gerontology, Oxford: Taylor and Francis.

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