The report investigates the effectiveness of the research methods James C. Collins uses in investigating the companies among other pertinent features of the book such as reviews from other interested parties. The fact that numerous companies compete for the same market but only one enjoys the market leader’s position implies that the market leader is employing particular effective strategies that safeguard the company’s profitability. James C. Collins thus investigates numerous companies operating in different industries with the view of determining the unique marketing and management strategies that such companies employ. In realistic analysis and interviews with numerous managers, James Collins portrays the difference in the policies, management and marketing structures that the different companies employ. The book is thus a management masterpiece that offers insight into effective management strategies and real-life examples thus providing contemporary managers with an unparalleled view of their respective industries. The effectiveness of the book lies in the author’s ability to portray the transitional nature of companies often providing a realistic analysis of both the companies and the industries as the discussion below portrays. Among the philosophical assumptions that James C. Collins makes in developing the book include adherence to discipline results in a seamlessly managed organization. Additionally, James C. Collins assumes that changing technology influences the performance of organizations. He, therefore, explains that just as is the case with discipline, a company must include its operations to the changing technologies. He thus assumes that all the great companies accustomed their operations to include the changing technologies prevalent in the market.

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