Incorporating gay and lesbian characters within theater is becoming more and more important in order to provide a platform for which everyone can identify.&nbsp. In other words, not everyone is straight. The antiquated format for displaying heterosexual couples and the stories within their lives is akin to only doing shows or artistic works portraying whites only or Catholics only. This as a whole is a very important step in show business as it allows everyone to feel apart of the storyline in some way or another. These depiction norms within the film are theater but are still a foil to the realness of film and theater with relationship to the film in question’s time of creation and release. Ultimately, this discussion will mainly focus on how film and theater have become a public narcotic to help society cope with troubled times in economics, politics and otherwise, in a sort of mass manner.
In the present, we have shoes such as Queer as Folk, The L Word, Will and Grace and others which allow for gay lifestyle to enjoy a part in the spotlight just as straight lifestyle always has. In terms of theater, however, there is a brief history in film and theater which illustrates a timeline of progress which directly corresponds to the political, social, economic and moral climates of the time period. Very shortly after the bombing of the world trade centers, a group of films were released retelling various perspectives of the stories surrounding the incident. Virtually any current event in modern history can claim a corresponding piece of theater which depicts the events in various lights.
The first example in theater to be discussed is a piece called 42nd Street, which was a musical based on a book by Michael Stewart and Mark Bramble. The first theatrical adaptation took place in 1933, roughly around the time of the great depression. This film adaptation was a leap as it was in fact, a $3 million project which focused on the nostalgia craze of the time period. It is also a significant piece of theater within gay culture perhaps even setting the bar a bit higher by being the maverick and normalizing homosexuality instead of alienating it, “ when the&nbsp.fairy was the most visible representative of American gay culture, Warner Bros.’&nbsp.

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