Similarly, it is the duty of the HRM to make sure that it sets out ways and means through which employees feel empowered whilst being on job and through the performance of their duties and tasks. This is apparent in the form of their performance appraisals which are circulated annually so that the employees can know how well they are doing on the job and what kind of shortcomings have arisen within their ranks (Losyk 2002). These performance appraisals are also a very important barometer for their eventual success or failure on the job, as it spells out the ways and means through which they are able to conduct their own selves and expect remunerations at the hands of the HRM and indeed the organization. Performance appraisals bring to light the notion an understanding that has been reached between the employer and the employee. This is based on the ideology that if the employee works in an able capacity, he would be rewarded with better remuneration and a higher rank on an annual basis. However what happens, in essence, is something totally different. The employees are made to suffer on more than a single count at the time of performance appraisal due to which they undergo extreme mental trauma and fatigue (Cronshaw 1999). They come to the realization that their work was of no good use and that the management used them as pawns whilst getting their work done in the most appropriate way. More than anything else, the employees start to feel that they have been hard done by and that they would not be able to deliver at the same level of strength as they did in the past one year (Scholtes 1999). The performance appraisals, therefore, act as the tools that take away a sense of serenity from the minds and the hearts of the employees, giving them immense trouble and tension, all at the same time.

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