Personal development takes many forms, from improving personal performance, to changing emotional states in particular situations such as public speaking, interviews and presentations. Even after working for weeks, preparing the presentation to the best of one ’s ability, ignoring the nerves building up he doesn’t get the response he desires for. For one reason or another, his brain has learnt to provide him with the wrong unconscious response when he speaks in public. Instead of appropriate levels of adrenalin and excitement to optimize his performance, he gets a fear response as if he is being attacked by a wild animal. Everything in his body and mind is saying "run away!” But he can’t, he has to ignore his ‘fight or flight’ response and stay put and what’s more, he has to sound eloquent and informed at the same time. Public Speaking demands lots of experience and knowledge. One needs to get rid of the Public Speaking fear that could only happen when one enjoys speaking in public and giving presentations. Personal Growth plays an important role in Personal Development. All of nature from the acorn that becomes the Great Oak to the microscopic cell that becomes a Sperm whale experiences personal growth. What makes humans different is that we are in the unique position of being able to do it consciously. Personal growth means different things to different people. It may be that one is potentially infinitely perfect! However, he will be aware that there are areas of life where he would like to perform better. When we look around we will notice there are people who have particular skills, traits that we would like to absorb into our own character.

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