All Business. (1999 . Tips for Dealing with Workplace Conflict When People Work Together in Groups. In All Business. Retrieved from http
this source discusses how to resolve problems and conflicts in the workplace. this relates
to the paper, since the topic is about resolving conflicts in the hospital to provide better
care for the patients and work to address issues concerning morality. when all the conflicts
are address, work will run more smoothly.
American Hospital Association. (2006-2010). AHA Issues: Communicating With Patients. In AHA.ORG. Retrieved from
The main idea of this source is best practices for patient communication. This will be an
important part of this paper because we will be discussing the importance of patient
communication as it pertains to patient care. When staff are not properly managed, and when
the hospital is not being properly run, patient communication may become compromised.
Authenticity Consulting, LLC. (2010). Complete Guide to Ethics Management. In Free Management Library. Retrieved from
the main idea of this source is to provide information that will enable managers to manage
their crew in a way that is ethical. This is a very important source for this paper, as
ethics play a large role in this topic. Moral in the workplace is low, and issues are not
being properly addressed. This is not good, as far as ethics are concerned.
Cornell University. (2010). Workplace Diversity. In Catherwood Library. Retrieved from
The main idea of this source is diversity in the workplace and how to insure that it is
respected and promoted. This relates to the paper in that this hospital sends medical
professionals to study abroad and it provides care for people all over Asia. Because the
hospital will be dealing with and working with so many people, diversity is important, as far
as human resources is concerned because it begins with the company heads.
GDS Publishing Ltd. (2010). HR Management: the online Human Resources News Source. Retrieved from
This source is very important for the construction of this paper, as the articles found in
this magazine will supply us with a lot of information. We can learn of better techniques for
managing staff, as well as learn about what should take place in the workplace to insure a
healthy work environment.
Love, K. (2003, July 28). The Importance of Budgeting. In Small Business News. Retrieved from
The major idea in this source is budgeting in business. Though this article is targeted
towards small business owners, the principles are the same and are important to follow in any
business. Since the topic of budgeting is part of this human resource research project, this
article will serve as an invaluable source when covering this part of the project.
Society for Human Resource Management. (2010). Introduction to the Human Resources Discipline of Workplace Safety and Security. In society for Human Resource Management. Retrieved from
The main idea of this source is workplace safety. This relates to the topic at hand, as this
can become an issue of the problems in the hospital are not properly addressed, especially
Patient care and equipment related issues.
Stanton, M. W. (2010). Hospital Nurse Staffing and Quality of Care. In U.S. Department of Health &amp. Human Services. Retrieved from
this is a viable source for this paper, as it contains research information on patient care.
It also outlines the consequences of poor patient care.
US Department of Labor. (2010). Human Resources, Training, and Labor Relations Managers and Specialists. In Occupational Outlook Handbook. Retrieved from
Though a US source, the information in it can still apply to this hospital in Asia and will
be a paramount source to this paper. We can find all of the information that we need
concerning human resource and management in this guide.
Wachter, R. M. (2007). Understanding Patient Safety. McGraw-Hill.
The main idea of this source is to discuss the core principles surrounding patient safety, as well as how to make a health facility safer. This will be an invaluable source to this paper because it fall in line along with the topic at hand. Patient safety is related to patient care.

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