There are many shortcuts that can be used to make the browsing user friendly. For example, ‘Ctrl+T’ opens a new tab for you, ‘Ctrl+1’ moves you to the first tab, ‘Ctrl+2’ moves you to the second tab etc.
Firefox address bar has an auto complete option which gives possible suggestions for whatever address you are typing. This also has special character filters to show only a particular group of addresses which has the given word in it. It may happen sometimes that we may need to open the web pages that are closed. Firefox has facility to open the recently closed windows as shown below:
What happens when you have a lot of tabs opened on Firefox and your system crashes? This is not a problem while using Firefox because it has ‘session restore’ capability. You also have Save &amp. Quit option for restoring all the tabs so that the next time when you open Firefox, all tabs are ready for you to continue browsing from where you have stopped earlier.
“Add-ons are small pieces of software created by people all over the world, that add new features or functionality to your installation of Firefox. Add-ons can augment Firefox with new search engines, foreign-language dictionaries, or change the visual appearance of Firefox. Through add-ons, you can customize Firefox to meet your needs and tastes.” (Customizing Firefox with add-ons, 2010).
A private browsing mode in Firefox allows you to do browsing such that the history will not record your surfing. Firefox also remembers where you where before starting the private browsing mode. You can switch on or off the private browsing mode by just clicking ‘Start Private Browsing’ and ‘Stop Private Browsing’ in the Tools menu.
You can customize your Firefox interface according to your wish by using Customize Option that you get when you right-click the Menu Bar. Firefox has the capacity to track the location from where you

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