Domain, user, and task analysis are carried out in order to achieve insight into the requirements and working practice of the anticipated users. The objective of incorporating convenience into user-centered design is to pursue a "procedure of developing products (environments, devices, systems, plus methods) that can be used by the people with the wide probable variety of capabilities operating inside the wide possible variety of circumstances (conditions, environments and circumstances), as is commercially useful (IBM).
Task analysis recognizes and understands the users’ objectives and tasks, the policies they utilize to carry out the tasks, the tools they at present utilize, some problems they experience, as well as the transformations/modifications they would desire to have in their tools and tasks (IBM).

To design and develop an interactive system the task analysis tells about the user that how he wants to perform in terms of cognitive procedures to attain an objective. In the case of interactive system development and design, detailed task analysis can be carried out to recognize the present system as well as the information flows inside it. In addition, these information flows are significant to uphold the new system as well as have to be included or substituted in some new system (UsabilityNet).

For designing and developing an interactive system stakeholder analysis is a method that could be employed to recognize and assess the needs, priorities, objectives, and needs of key people that can considerably influence the accomplishment of the project. Additionally, the normal instances of stakeholders in interactive system projects encompass the business directors, user, the site support workers, and the site administrator and so on. In addition, systematically discovering the development of interactive system problem space&nbsp.can guide to the discovery of design explanations that convene the objectives of the stakeholders and removing (a number of) requirements conflicts.&nbsp.

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