General ification of Movies School Movies allow people to take a step beyond reality and experience a different world. The characters in the movies provide a window to the public to see themselves through these make-believe people that the movie writers create. People get more in touch with their emotions when they watch a movie. These emotions serve as an inspiration as well for the movie producers and writers to create characters that people could relate to. Love, hate, fear, fun, and excitement are just a few of these emotions people feel when watching movies. Depending on the type of movie they watch, people are affected in different ways. Similarly, the type of movies people enjoy watching tells the type of character they have as well in real life. On the other hand, some people still have a hard time picking out their favourite movie genre. Consequently, there are various movie genres nowadays that identifying them becomes confusing. Classifying them according to the general emotional effect that it gives on its audience makes it easier for ordinary people to tell which types of movies they like.
Based on the dominant feelings drawn from its viewers, it would be appropriate to classify movies into three general categories. The first category for movies would be the drama. Movies that draw out strong emotions from the viewers may be classified under this category. In other words, movies under this group make people cry, fall in love, hate, and hope. Therefore, other movie genres such as romance or love stories fall under this group. The usual plots of drama movies include various themes in the family, friendship and love. Specific examples of such are conflicts between parents, children, as well as parents and children. Themes such as intrapersonal conflicts are also tackled in this type of movie. A huge majority of movies that fall under this category are based on real events and real people in the society. The main purpose of these movies is to impart life’s valuable lessons among its audience.
Moreover, another general classification that would be deemed fit is action movies. For the majority of the film, moviegoers feel the sudden rush of blood as they witness the actors involve in a lot of physical activities such as fist fighting, gun fires, running and chasing, wars and the like. Adventure films may be grouped under this category. Furthermore, actions movies are easily identified because its stories center on social and political problems. These types of movies focus on solving interpersonal relationships among co-workers involving physical fights as well. Furthermore, job-related conflicts such as solving crimes and fighting against terrorism are common, especially at present. Mostly fictional for the sole purpose of entertaining the audience, action movies concentrate more in solving street crimes and terrorism while though it may also include letting people understand their individual roles in the society.
Last but not least on the list among the general categories of movies would be the comedy. This type of movie is the exact opposite of drama for it basically draws out the happy side of the people watching them. Romantic comedies may fall under this category more than drama since the strongest of the emotion that these types of films is amusement. As such, the plots of comedy movies are whimsical and nonchalant. Unlike drama, comedies are aim to help people feel laugh and feel good about life. Moreover, their purpose is to make people feel relaxed and relieved of the burden that they have after such a stressful and exhausting day. Based on funny real life experiences and mostly on fiction, comedy movies teach people how to laugh out their worries and life. It shows everyone that it is easy getting through with all the anxieties that the modern life bring if people only put humor in it.
Finally, classifying movies based only on the three categories that were identified above such as the emotions they elicit from the moviegoers, purpose, and plot would help people identify the type of person they are at the same time. The types of movies they like identify their personality as the characters in the movies are the reflection of individuality.
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