Several employees are currently allowed to work split shifts so as to fulfill their personal and family obligations, however productivity in this department is considerably below corporate standards due to internal staff conflict over perceived unfair scheduling allowances. To improve performance motivation, it is recommended that scheduling processes be radically revised to eliminate the flextime options.
A 31% drop in purchasing department productivity is well below corporate guidelines, and this effect is being felt with diminished profitability, product purchasing errors, and diminished customer service. Short-term employees (1 year of service or less) have indicated that the long-term employees in this department are being granted scheduling options which negatively impact the quality of work outputs in purchasing. Many of these angry staff members have suggested that the times in which the flextime employees are absent have caused the short-term staff to experience doubled workloads and they suggest they are forced to deal with angry customers who are unable to reach their assigned purchasing agent. Team projects, such as the monthly purchasing reconciliation report (which identifies inventory discrepancies), are suffering for quality and accuracy due to unwillingness to work as a team to complete the project. Further, the manager responsible for purchasing scheduling has refused the short-term staff opportunities for similar flexible scheduling, citing that it would cause “undue disruption” to the department’s daily activities.
As part of my path forward recommendation, flexible scheduling should be completely eliminated as a staffing option in this department for all members of purchasing, effective immediately. Further, a team meeting must be scheduled (approximately 2-3 hours), so as to discuss why this course of action is required and

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