The protagonist of the Death of a Salesman, Willy Loman, finally chooses the death as the ultimate option for self-oblivion in his desperate attempt to escape the brutal onslaughts of reality. Deprived of his dreams, he naturally loses his passion to live and engulfed by hopelessness, he also ceases the quest to find any meaning of his existence.The socio-economic backdrop of the Death of a Salesmen, though is not actually established over the American Great Depression scenario, however, it incorporates within its scope the deep scars that it left with. While in the modernist world of prevailing hedonism, consumerism, and declining morality, people are required to purchase every moment of their struggle for survival with respective monetary capacity, Willy Loman’s aspiration to live with self-dignity and recognized as a respectable person in the society vanishes in the thin air. Finally, he is left with his broken dreams that cannot bear the weight of his mountainous emotions and expectations of life. but the final blow came when he realized that his beloved son Biff, to whom he relied mostly on order to receive social respect, also has failed him. Amidst this bleak, murky and hopeless existence Linda.

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