Teachers’ Salary Comparison by The salary that a teacher earns is usually different in different s, mainly due to the various variables that determine salaries. As a base, I will examine the salary earned by a teacher in a state institution in New York State compared to three other states. The comparison will focus on the differences between the salaries in four states and discuss the factors that differentiate between these salaries.
According to the American Federation of Teachers’ website, a teacher in a state institution in New York earns an average base salary of $58,089, which is spread within a range of $48,518 at the lowest and $61,673 at the highest (AFT, 2011). This can be compared to California, which has a higher average annual base salary of $77,448, Maryland, which has an average annual base salary of $69,703, and Idaho, which has an average annual base salary of $41,304. The average annual base salary for a teacher throughout the United States is $50,887.
The differences indicated above can be attributed to the cost of living in different states. The cost of living in the state can be attributed to five main factors: groceries, housing, utilities, transportation, and healthcare. In California, the cost of housing is expected to be higher by 84% over the New York residence, while the only reducing cost of living is healthcare, which is expected to be lower by 2% (CNN Money, 2012). The cost of living factors are lowest in Idaho, where the only increasing factor is transportation, which will cost 5% more than in New York (CNN Money, 2012).
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