From this study it is clear that the primary target audience for these instructions are the fresh college students who have little knowledge and experience of what it takes to register for college classes. However, college students at advanced levels of study at the college that are not conversant with the registration procedure can rely on the instructions. The high probability based on previous evidence that many fresh students do not register for college classes in time with others not registering at all makes them a special interest group. The instructions were organized in a bullet list to make them user-friendly and easy to read. The cautions that are included in the instructions are that one cannot register for classes if they are not properly enrolled, they must have an active student account. An important caution is that one must ensure that they have gone through the registration checklist to ensure that they have duly accomplished all registration requirements. Finally, registration is completed online through the student portal.

This essay stresses that a&nbsp.successful search shall make a display on the computer screen the available classes for the selected course. Classes shall be identified by the days and time, the meeting dates, the room and the instructor. To add a class to your list, you shall click on the option of Select Class.&nbsp.The search shall make a display of the class details including the other components that need to be taken with the class or the number of seats yet available.

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