Topic: Internet Marketing What is internet marketing? Internet marketing is the marketing of product/services involving the broad services of internet. As internet is utilized by many people all around the world, it is an easy job for the marketers to market their product and services covering extensive amount of persons all around the world. Many organizations promote their products and services on different sites but some organizations prefer e-mail marketing. In email marketing, the marketer should have a valid e-mail address to prevent the sent email from reaching the spam folder (Jayamaha 2011). It is also known as digital marketing or e-marketing. Email marketing became popular, as it has the capacity to target a person. Key benefits of marketing on the internet There are many advantages of marketing on the internet. Nearly the services of internet are utilized by almost two billion people worldwide (Jayamaha 2011). Other channels to promote a product or services have not such capability to cover such a massive amount of persons. In this way internet marketing is a cheap tool to promote the product and services and secondly internet marketing can cover a larger number of people at a time. If internet marketing in properly managed, it can be targeted to achieve effective results. Internet marketing provides an ease for the consumers to search and buy the specific products and services without going anywhere else. Most effective ways to use internet to market products/service The most effective ways of internet marketing are email marketing, promoting products and services on different sites. Email marketing is important in determining the interests of a person and then advertisement and promotion of the person’s interest are sent by the utilization of Email (Charlesworth 2009). It was considered that email marketing is the best way of marketing on the internet but banner ads and search engine marketing have got their importance nowadays. Now a marketer have different a perspective of marketing on the internet. Ads which are related to the search are there at the search page which has more appeal than other method. Similar method is employed by If a user searches a video, ads related to the search are displayed at the lower side of the video screen. Users are allowed to click the ads and links without redirecting the page. Popup messages are also an effective way of internet marketing but sometimes users block the popup messages which make this marketing strategy ineffective. Effectiveness of internet With the advent of internet, it became the most effective tool for various reasons. It provided a broader coverage to the users all around the world. The effectiveness of the internet can be increased by making a website more effective to be searched by users attract the attention of the users. The four key marketing strategies are utilizing search engine optimization tools and increase the submission, in this way a website can attract more visitors and more visitors are directly related to more business. The website should have the capacity to change the user states to customer by utilizing the usability evaluations. It could be a better marketing strategy to estimate the future results by maintaining the current results. Increasing return of investment (ROI) by making the content on the website more particular and having copywriter is a better option. Improving the quality of the website and utilizing latest tools for the development could certainly increase the effectiveness of the internet (UC WEBS 2010). Key metrics such as average CPM, CPP, CTR, Conversion rates by product category if possible. The networking sites like Facebook, shows that the campaigns like click through rate (CTR), Cost per click (CPC) and cost per thousand (CPM) have increased their performance in the year of 2010 as compared to 2009 and it is expected the these campaigns will have even better performance in the year 2011. It is expected to have $4 billion dollars in 2011 from the campaigns (Webtrends 2011). The methods such as pay per click, pay per impression and pay per action can also help determine the interests of a certain user. Studies show that on networking sites, the users which are older click more than the younger users. It also shows that the older ladies show more interest in clicking (Webtrends 2011). The performance goals can be achieved by determining the campaign level matrices including average CPM, CTR, CPC, conversions and average conversion rates. The campaigns are optimized to achieve better results. Works Cited Charlesworth, Alan Internet marketing: a practical approach. 2009. Butterworth-Heinemann. pp.49 Jayamaha, Prasantha. Internet Marketing-How, When, Where? Daily Mirrors. March 2011. Retrieved on 30th June 2011 from UC WEBS. Internet Effectiveness Secret. 2010. Retrieved on 30th June 2011 from Webtrends. Facebook Advertising Performance Benchmarks amp. Insights. January 2011. Retrieved on 30th June 2011 from

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