Since I participated so actively in society, I was able to get a good idea of what society wants. I noticed that most PR companies did not seem to really be providing what the public actally wanted, they didn’t have that knowledge of the Chinese people that was necessary to make a true connection. Most of those foreign PR companies saw the potential in our country of almost 1.6 billion people and most of the time, and my idea was to adapt their professionalism and experience to provide a PR experience and service that was specifically tailored for our country .” Everyone knows PR. What we need here is something “by the people for the people” so to speak. I wanted to create a widespread, quintessentially Chinese central network, where a central figure was available whom the public could relate to and have access to. “ I want my company to grow like a big tree and now, I am the seed. We have a long way to go.”
X: You know, I have never really seen money as my main goal in any of the work that I have done or that I am doing. As I started my business, I never really bothered about how much money I made on an individual job, the only consideration I would bear in mind is how large a segment of the public I was able to gain access to, through my PR work. My theory was, “the bigger you get, the more jobs you get and the money will come naturally.”
X: Well I have always believed in the strength of the word of mouth kind of advertising. ““ Clients are our number 1 strategy in promotion of the BenMo. Word-of-mouth plays a central role of great influence, and clients are more likely to trust a friend or family member’s recommendation as opposed to an advertisement.
X: Well, I would say the secret is knowledge of the media. As an ancient Chinese proverb says, you have to “know the inches” – in other words, deliver only the news you can support

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