They are catalase, Glutathione peroxidase I , superoxide dismutase and thioredoxin. These antioxidants play an important role in the reduction of the elevated fatty acid level and help the patients to maintain the cholesterol level. Many genes are responsible for the regulation of oxidation in the cells. Glutathione peroxidase I is one of the major antioxidant enzyme. S……
The individual components of Metabolic Syndrome cluster together and this clustering increase the risk of diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. The main root cause for this disease is linked to the poor eating habit and the sedentary life style of the people. The presence of common genetic variants can increase the susceptibility to Metabolic Syndrome. Complex gene environment interactions are also found to be associated with the Metabolic Syndrome. (Bryne and Wild 2011). Family history is the main reason for the Metabolic Syndrome prevalence in the childhood. The genes responsible for the maintenance of many cell functions play an important role for the syndrome. Insulin resistance is found to be present in the children suffering from the Metabolic Syndrome. Lipid deposition in the insulin responsive tissues is the main reason for the metabolic effects of the insulin. The hepatic fat accumulation is strongly associated with the obesity and the hepatic resistance, thereby affecting the glucose metabolism. Background and analysis Insulin resistance is nothing but the abnormal response shown for the normal level of insulin production. Insulin resistance is further classified based on the resistance to the metabolic effects of the insulin with suppressed effect of insulin on the endogenous glucose production and peripheral glucose uptake and glycogen synthesis. Before undergoing fasting the hyperinsulinemia condition develops. Along with the increasing plasma insulin concentration, the increase of the risk factors can be found. Insulin resistance is second to the insulin resistance for the Metabolic Syndrome next to obesity. The insulin resistance factors are free fatty acids, adipocytokines, pro- inflammatory mediators and genetic factors. Insulin resistance is a

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