Francis Xavier University. In the year 2012, a conflict was observed to take place between the StFX Association of University teachers and the StFX Administration board. In order to satisfy their demands, the teachers were further identified to call for a strike which further disrupted the entire education process of the university (McEvoy, 2012). Based on this understanding, the paper intends to identify the five major issues raised during the dispute among the faculties and the administration of StFX University.With reference to the news article written by Sean McEvoy with the title StFX Professors O.K. Strike Option, certain issues can be identified in the rudiments of the dispute between the faculty members of the university and the administration board. Among the various issues, inappropriate remuneration package, inadequate medical amenities, lack of job security along with financial problems can be identified as the four most significant problems caused through the dispute. Above all, the most significant issue that was identified with reference to this dispute was the lack of cooperation and coordination within the workforce and the administration board of the University. From an overall perspective, it can be observed that the faculty members of the university were not satisfied with the return they were able to avail through their employment in StFX University owing to the aforementioned issues which required greater consideration from the administration (McEvoy, 2012).By calling for a strike and disrupting the entire education process within the University, the faculty members wanted to ensure a comparative pay structure which shall be sufficient to satisfy their personal needs and assist StFX to obtain a competitive position in comparison to its sister institutions. According to McEvoy (2012), the issue concerning the weak pay structures was further observed to be informed to the administration in various instances. However, as no

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