Music was clearly related to artists such as Josh Groban, the Carpenters, Michael Jackson, and Aretha Franklin. in conjunction with remembering terms that are specifically related to musical elements and genres: rhythm, harmony, melody, pop, jazz, and rhythm and blues. The fun part was that the free write exercise provided one with the opportunity to burst forth with whatever came to one’s mind regardless of order, pattern, grammatical rules, or whimsical sense. Food was evidently part of the musical experience with pizza, potato chips and chocolates topping the list. However, remarkably, since the topic on music was initially provided, the free flow of words, ideas, and associated terms all reverberated to anything that has some special relation to music: people, events, sounds, artists, and even the thought that music is actually a universal medium that is not restricted by culture (no bounds) and has the ultimate ability to stir diverse emotions (breathtaking, calming, embracing) to make one reflect, remember and be nostalgic about everything else that happened in one’s life journey with music being regarded as playing a crucial and paramount role.

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