From this novel that Golding emphasises the presence of a beast in every human being, which will come out during a circumstance that disturbs the social order. Though he might have introduced only adolescent characters, Golding has concerned a wide analysis of the human behaviour controlled by the surrounding and finally, the outcome of human behaviour determines either a positive or a negative aspect according to the bounds that hold the society. According to Burris [1999] Golding “describes the breakdown as resulting from nothing more complex than the inherent evil of man”
Golding’s purpose is hinted in the beginning chapter. It reflects Golding’s introduction of the atmosphere of the island as well as the theme. His characterisation should be considered as an intricate meaning of the society and its structure. Golding introduces the main characters such as Ralph, Jack, Piggy, Simon, and Roger by specific characteristics features. Ralph and Jack represent the authoritative accept of a society in which power of individual dominates, Simon and Piggy represent the positive and obedient side of the society who try to participate within their limits, and however they appear to have unapproved goodness among other boys. Simon’s death at the later stage of this novel proves this aspect. Roger, on the other hand, is a typical example of individuals who are merciless and evil-minded and more than this, he appears to have a heartless tendency towards Piggy and enjoys troubling Piggy. As the story proceeds the leading characters appear to reflect their wish of leadership one after the other.
Golding has captured in this novel the evil side of human nature. The loss of innocence in human has been reflected through the characterisation of Jack and his followers. The reason behind the social disorder has been criticised by many critics. One of the interesting comments would be of Burris [1999] who observes, “The implicit assumption behind all of these explanations is&nbsp.that if the children had simply done something different, the breakdown might not have occurred. in other words, the beast within man can be contained under certain circumstances.

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