er, the heuristics that are used to simplify this decision making and stimulate purchase must be able to coerce or persuade the purchase to make the decision. Availability bias is one form that I would use. When purchasers get a perception that there are several specific instances that they can identify, their judgments on the probability of winning gets affected. This I would ensure is encouraged through a wide publication of winners and fills participants with pleasant memories of occasional prizes that making the idea of winning more salient than that of winning.
The other would be the illusion of control. Most people would buy a ticket if they expect they have higher chances of success than if they believed they would probably win. This can be achieved through ensuring that the purchaser feels able to choose their own numbers by a perceived skill oriented towards making the player confident to some extent. These tactics would be fair to the extent that everybody who participates in the lottery ultimately makes a personal decision to be a winner and therefore buy a ticket.
According to Abraham Maslow, a person who lacks food, love and self esteem would most likely hunger for food the most. Dostoyevsky on the other hand notes that without an idea of himself, that is firm and the purpose for his life, a man cannot live if he has bread. Either may be right or either may be wrong depending on the circumstances in which their statements and positions are viewed.
The proposition that Maslow presents has a more literal take. Among the basic rights that human beings require, food stands out as the most important. Moreover, in his hierarchy of needs, Maslow contends that until the basic psychological needs have been met, human beings will not really focus on the higher order of needs such as self esteem and love (Goble, p. 60). The contention may be that it is possible to fulfill all of them at once. It should however be noted that hunger is a natural instinct for

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