With the constant endeavor of the thinkers/intelligentsia, ‘Pedagogy’, the science of teaching evolved as a separate and distinct discipline wherein emphasis was given on improvising the teaching methods to make the teaching-learning process more productive and result oriented. The teacher, students and the teaching methods combined make the skeleton of the education system and a good education policy focuses on all of them taking them as interrelated factors.
“Education should develop pupils and students as independent individuals by promoting such qualities as initiative, courage, enthusiasm and the desire to learn something new. Education should make it possible for the individual to cope on his or her own, to develop his or her potential and make his or her contribution to the civil society. In this way, education sustains the community and the common cultural identity.” (http://pub.uvm.dk/2002/better1/01.htm ) Including all above, action plans for pedagogical development is prepared. Learning outcomes are very much dependant on pedagogy. These refer, to what a student will be able to know or do at the end of the instruction. Likewise a plan for actively doing something is called an action plan. When students are taught in classes, they are supposed to learn according to the learning outcomes. But, in many cases, it is seen teaching is done in a very traditional method where neither any goal is fixed nor is achieved. Particularly, taking the case of china, the pedagogical structure is based on decades of practice and according to the instruction of Ministry of Education of Chinese Communist Party. (Lang &amp. Zha 2004). So, the challenge here is to remove bureaucratic hurdle and also placing realistically achievable goals.( Andrews et al 2002)
Where there is a need to combat a problem or to introduce a new pedagogical approach, a plan is made for achieving some specific kind of learning outcomes. So, it is very much required to have a

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