From the point of view of asset management, a social enterprise can increase the overall diversification of the portfolio while, at the same time, add more ethical trading and investing philosophy into the overall portfolio management also. It is believed that portfolio managers may have only to invest in the commercial entities to generate more value for their clients. Overall risk diversification and return strategies are, therefore, often tailored according to the dynamics of how a for-profit business operates and generates more value for the portfolio managers. Non-Profit wealth creation through social enterprise is viable and sustainable activity and can increase the overall well-being of the society while, at the same time, allowing asset managers to actually diversify their risks and also add more ethical investing and portfolio management orientation to the whole process of asset management (Field, 2014). This paper will be focusing on understanding the impact of non-profit wealth creation on the overall portfolio risk and return. This paper will further add on to whether the non-profit wealth creation will add more ethical orientation to the portfolio management or not. Before discussing further, it is critical to developing the comprehensive understanding of what a social enterprise is and how it operates and creates value for all stakeholders. The overall concept and idea of a social enterprise existed for long. However, it has recently gained more momentum with large organizations such as Dannon entering into joint ventures to form social enterprises. A social enterprise’s focus is on the use of commercial strategies and tactics to achieve more value and improvement in the human and environmental well-being.

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