Finally, it is cumbersome to make a complete list of all the population members since in some instances it does not cover an effective area of the sample (Creswell, 2009).The advantages of a postal survey: it is less costly, especially with very large samples. it can integrate long and complex questions because the respondent can see the question and evaluate it at their own pace. it makes provisions for a picture to be made known as part of a question. it can also cover a large number of people thus increasing the sample size. they are highly targeted.The disadvantages of a postal survey consist of the following: since there is little control of who completes and returns the survey, there numerous mailed surveys that are never returned making the sample less random and self-selective. the method is that it does not offer the option of someone explaining the questions as well as following up or probing the responses since some of the questions can be misunderstood. the sample is usually more self-selected with a lower response level. the body language of the respondent cannot be observed. lastly, only a few individuals will be interested to fill the mailed questionnaire (Frankfort-Nachimias, amp. Nachimias, 2008, p.34-38).In the survey, female and male customers responded to the questionnaires. A total 48 of 100 respondents were male while 52 were female. This means that 48% of the respondents were male while 52% were female. Of these, 12 males use public transport to visit the store, 12 also walk to the store, and 24 are in possession of personal cars thus drive to the store. From these statistics, it can be deduced that the majority of male customers that visit ABC are high-end clientele. On the other hand, 9 females use public transport to visit the store, 12 walk to the store, while 37 come with cars driving to the store. However, majority of the shoppers are women and most

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