The Investment Banking Division of the Bank, where I work, has been asked to handle the additional work of insurance retail. The managers and employees are putting up stiff resistance to the introduction of insurance operations for fear of being burdened with additional work. Bank Muscat is the largest bank of Oman with a strong presence in Corporate Banking, Consumer Banking, Investment Banking, Treasury, Private Banking, Project Finance, and Asset Management. The Bank has recently forayed into the international market by opening a branch in Riyadh. It holds the rare distinction of being voted the ‘Best Bank in Oman’ five times in a row by The Banker, FT London, six times in a row by Euromoney and seven times by Global Finance Inc. The Bank Muscat has six divisions– Corporate Banking, Consumer Banking, Investment Banking, Treasury, Private Banking, Project Finance, and Asset Management ( accessed on July 3rd 07).A decision has been made to enter the insurance sector in collaboration with a leading insurance company in the world— Prudential Insurance. The Bank Board sees it as a strategic decision to meet the futuristic vision of providing a wider range of financial services and meet competition by diversification. The Investment Banking Division will sell Life, Business, and Vehicle insurance policies in collaboration with Prudential Company. The insurance sales will be handled by the Investment Banking Division and all other insurance operations of underwriting, premium deduction, surveys, meeting liabilities, and collection of premium shall be done by Prudential Insurance. All back end operations, of insurance, will be handled by the Prudential Insurance (the company). The target clientele, in the beginning, will be the people, who deal with Bank Muscat like account holders, loan takers, investors but ultimately, it aims to provide the broad insurance operations to cover the entire communities where Bank Muscat has a presence. Insurance selling training to Bank will be given by the Prudential Insurance and motivational training will be given in-house by the Bank.

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