This reflects the success of the company in various countries (Jumeirah International, 2013).
The company has mainly eyed tourist attractions and travel destinations for the placement of its properties and this have hugely contributed towards the instant popularity of the group in that particular area. The architectural finesse of the group is appreciated the world over and these hotels and resorts are the sought after destinations for sight-seeing purposes too.
As a part of its expansion plan, the Jumeirah group is viewing the feasibility of setting up its foot in India, also a country in Asia with huge population and growing economy. The hospitality sector is estimated to generate revenue of $ 30 billion by 2015 (ICRA Limited, 2011). This paper aims to undertake environmental analysis that would help the parent company in arriving at a positive decision towards establishing their business in India.
In order to evaluate the macro-environment of the country with regard to the hotel industry, a PEST analysis is conducted. The sector is explored to assess the political, economic, social and technological factors that impact the business.
The hospitality industry hugely contributes towards the economy by the way of taxes and tariffs, as per the luxury and services that they provide. Thus, decisions pertinent to hotel industry are definitely under the scrutiny of the government and its intervention into the operations in the sector is inevitable. Incentives and tax concessions are given to aspirant hoteliers serving foreign tourists and generating income in foreign currencies. The government also allows tax concessions for hotels in hilly areas and remote places and these concessions helped the industry wade through the economic crises.
However, the terrorist attacks in Taj hotel at Mumbai has affected the sector, as the tourists do not feel enough secure in these lodging set

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