Keeping in mind that one is in the establishment stage of his/her career with the expectation of acquiring the position of a manager, the membership of Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) had been found to be suitable. This is because, in addition to providing professional membership, SHRM provides opportunities to enhance owns knowledge, gain information from fellow members through networking and access to valuable resources pertaining to latest HR issues. Table of Contents Executive Summary 2 3 Overview 4 Relative Merits of Joining a Human Resources Professional Association 4 Comparative Analysis of some of the Human Resources Professional Associations 6 Society for Human Resource Management 6 Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development 7 Dubai Human Resources Forum 8&nbsp. Arabian Society for HR Management 9 Australian Human Resource Institute 10 Decision of the Selection of a Human Resources Professional Association and its Justification 11 Conclusion 13 References 15 Overview This report discusses the relative merits of joining a Human Resources Professional Association. The report conducts a comparative analysis of some of the renowned Human Resources Professional Associations and then selects a particular association that suits the professional requirements considering the candidate’s career stage. …
&nbsp.As an individual with around 14 years of experience in the Human Resource Department (HRD), the rationale for willingness to join a Professional Association is to develop and enhance the HR skills by means of journals as well as magazines which are comprised with the membership of any Professional Association. Involvement with a Professional Association provides with the opportunity to attend conferences as well as conventions with proficient and professional speakers. Thus, being a member of a Human Resource Professional Association would provide an HR professional with an opportunity to access his/her career proceedings and specific human resource job listings. In addition to this, Professional Associations offer career networking opportunities with other members of the association. Human Resource Professional Association gives an individual admittance to the most beneficial and existing HR networks as a professional (Gatewood &amp. Et. Al., 2010) Furthermore, Human Resource Professional Association would augment an individual’s professional development in addition to presenting information about issues pertaining to HRD. Every local or the international Human Resource Professional Association publishes informative newsletters and journals related to issues of Human Resource Management (HRM). Such Professional Associations also update their websites with significant HR issues along with fresh developments in the HR field. Moreover, these Professional Associations regularly coordinate and conduct professional development programs and conferences consisting of industry associated exposures and knowledge for their members.

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