I can be creative in emergent atmospheres and can face difficulties. I can adapt creative thoughts and proposals and setting goals and achieve them. I have completed a Master degree in Business Administration specializing in Human Resource Management. I possess work experience as 1st Lt. Officer in Abu Dhabi Police G.H.Q-(Strategic Department). Also, I had been a Warrant Officer in the ministry of interior- Ras Al Khaimah Police HQ. The work responsibilities included being the manager of Women Police (Financial Administration Affairs- Personnel), head of revenues, head of audit, manager of aftercare in dept of criminal investigation and dept of drugs, secretary of drugs director. I was part of the International Emirates Bank – Ras Al Khaimah as a Dept. Supervisor in personal loans, car loans, credit loans, customer service, secretary, remittance, and accounting. I have also completed administrational training courses in planning and performance measurement, financial training courses, and also computer training courses. I have also undergone military training courses in women police basics and a course in chemical precursors. I have also received a certificate of appreciation for performing the strategic developing plan for the Abu Dhabi Police Departments in 2009. I have also been a frequent participator in various global and local events. I participated in the conference of latest practices in the management of change and organizational development and also been a part of the 2nd world conference for organizational talent development program, world latest practices in leadership, and few others. I was also part of the strategic development plan of the Abu Dhabi Police Department. At present, I have submitted a proposal for a thesis for a doctorate to Birmingham University, United Kingdom titled “Systematic analysis of the human resources strategy and its role in the process of change”.

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