Mining Group Gold of Mining Group Gold Five fundamental measures for Mining Group Gold are mentioned below Purpose of meeting or session should be determined:
Every meeting or session has different agenda or specifications. So that why it is very important to settle down those purposes and requirements before the meeting or session actually get starts. (Heagney, 2012, p.&nbsp.41)
2. Establish the desired conclusions of the session or meeting:
Once the topics and purposes of the meeting are prioritized, and then come the creation of clear agenda or objective points for the whole session. Commonly, one can stay on trail and accomplish the required outcomes if timelines are strictly followed and discussions are flowing in a logical fashion.
3. Role Assignment:
Every person in the meeting has its own importance. The third important step required the assignment of the roles of scribe, timekeeper and facilitator.
4. Clear Agenda:
As important roles are assigned, which means that now it’s time to finalize the agenda of this session or meeting.
5. Time Allocation:
As the clear agenda is established, the time allocation is done for every item listed in the agenda.
Dealing with the emotions:
A facilitator is required to possess the leadership quality to tackle all kinds of situations. When an individual is working on particular situation and parameter, the facilitator is required to work along to develop motivation and passion of his or her team to construct his leadership within that situation and task so that he or she may do adaptation depending on his or her maturity level. Facilitator should guide the process through the following order.
a. Feeling
Facilitator should encourage the participants to express their feelings but in a very organized way.
b. Facts
The main facilitator is in a place to assist the team to create and use facts, and to analyze and identify the issues.
c. Solution
Once facts are identified and analyzed then final stage of solution comes. The meeting group is set to conclude some solutions in this stage and select one of those solutions and take decisions to implement it.
Team is generally known as people in a group, combining their knowledge, experience and expertise for one particular work and purpose for which it has been formalized. Specific task performed by the team members is termed as “TEAMWORK”. Importance of teams within an organization is follows like:
a. Commonly survival of the business depends on the cooperation of the teams in their teamwork.
b. If individuals within the team have proper coordination will have will help to accomplish much more than an individual can achieve the organization objective. This is the important reason for an organization to focus on group work instead of working individually.
The mining group gold processes are includes a strong and proven techniques that can help the organization to maintain team environment within the organization and maintain cultural diversity. A good relationship within the team will give better opportunities to the organization for it survival and development.
Heagney,&nbsp.J. (2012). Fundamentals of project management. New York: American Management Association.

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