In addition to this, these applications effectively upload to a specific processing server without the use of any desktop system and application. These applications have several benefits realized by the users due to the ability to get access to the individual data and information through mobile applications. There are several challenges too that have been addressed in this essay.Run of mobile applications in small screen-sized mobile can be considered as real challenge. There are several mobile platforms, such as iPhone, Windows Phone, Android and iPad. This essay has described useful methods, which can be utilized to decide that which of these platforms are supportable. It is true that mobile application generally requires high availability aspect as the users significantly need to have continuous conflict free access to IS and IT systems. Therefore, it is important to identify and implement the ways of ensuring high availability aspect. It is true that, hacking of mobile devices has become a significant challenge. Therefore, the essay has described the methods to make the existing mobile devices more secure.Geo-location technology can be considered as one of the most significant trends in the field of social networking. It helps an individual to address the location of other intended individuals. It also helps people to locate popular places or institutions close to the physical location of an individual. Now-a-days, people are able to rebuke the locations on their mobile devices and Smartphone without the help of a desktop system or application to pull up Google maps or MapQuest in order to get directions to required addresses or places. People generally find addresses through the use of these apps on desktop and print outs. But, now these can be avoided due to availability of Smartphone, which can help individuals to find exact location and people can carry this Smartphone with them.Geo-location data also reveals important

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