Moral Exclusion as an Evil
In the event that moral exclusion inclines towards its mild and extreme forms, it is imperative for business leaders to take notice and initiate appropriate remedial actions. When a group of a people (employees) acts to magnify their social or workplace worthiness, they impose psychological stress on the other groups. This may affect the output of the victims and consequently impact the profitability of the organization. Under extreme forms of moral exclusion, exploiting and harming of the seemingly inferior group appears justifiable. Moral exclusion in the workplace should be eliminated through proper identification and promotion of tolerance and moral accountability.
A proper perspective on the evil of moral exclusion is not only helpful in identification but also significant in the promotion of a healthy organizational culture. By understanding the dynamics of the evil such as the tendencies of one group to act superior, a business leader can institute policies that promote equality and respect for the diversity. Initially, a business leader should get t to the root of the ideologies behind moral exclusion and discourage them in the organization. As a business leader, the ultimate goal should be to identify the numerous of the forms of moral exclusion in the organizations, speak out against them or reprimand the perpetrators of such evils. Recognizing that there is a likelihood of the presence of the evils of moral exclusion in the organization is the first step towards elimination of such vices.
Moral exclusion serves to decrease the output of workers in an organization due to the feeling of unworthiness or exploitation. Understanding the ideologies behind it, the various existing form and the perpetrators forms the basic perspective of dealing with the issue in the organization. Consequently, this leads to the formation and implementation of corrective policies within an organization.

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