Unlike rallying where the drivers and their co-drivers are challenged to maintain a scheduled typical speed over a series of stages throughout a public road or forest, in a drag racing, one simply emerges the winner if they managed to cross the finishing line before the competitor. With a powerful V8 or a Dodge Viper, one can accelerate from a standing start to over 100MPH in merely a few seconds. Apparently, it is a sport for the strong hearted, and I sojourned on to participates in it during the Friday Fun Night organized by Crossroads Dragway.
The Friday Fun Night, as well as the tour, were a memorable time. The instructors exemplified courteousness and professionalism, taking an inordinate amount of their time explaining to us what was required to make the occasion a success story. The guided tour was an eye-opener as we got the opportunity to learn and comprehend basic concepts in motorsports as well as the roles and importance of regulatory bodies such as NHRA (National Hot Rod Association). Participants hardly lost control and fatalities were circumvented, a fact that is ostensibly attributable to the standard training and guide we received from instructors prior to the event. Drag racing fans got the opportunity to enjoy a relaxed, serene environment full of fun. The Grassroots Motorsports staff was quite welcoming and handled guests with a lot of humility and hospitality. Basic facilities were easily accessible, and the joy of the fans was brilliantly perceptible on their faces.
Before the race commenced, we were allowed to do a burnout which heated the driving tires and improved traction by laying down rubber where the track started. The races were automatically started using a system of Christmas tree which contains 6 lights for each lane. 1red, 1 blue, 1green, and 3 amber. They were all linked to light beams on the track. The lights allowed some competitors to proceed after pre-staging whereas those who were timed-out

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