Running head: NETWORK MANAGEMENT SYSTEM Network Management System Affiliation Network management is not a simple job it requires carrying out a variety of tasks where IT managers use various system applications, tools and devices to check as well as uphold computer networks. Additionally, different people have different views about network management. In addition, to run a business effectively it is necessary for the IT managers to make sure that the corporate IT arrangement (composed of locations, departments as well as services) is carrying out tasks effectively. Moreover, a network administrator is responsible for managing and organizing the essentials that comprise this high-level analysis. In other words, network management is the process of sorting out problems and performance throughout servers, applications and networks (Zyrion, Inc., 2011). In addition, in many scenarios, it engages a solitary network advisor checking network operations by using an archaic protocol analyzer. However, in other scenarios, network management engages high-end computers, a distributed database, and auto polling of network devices producing synchronized graphical representations of network topology transformations and traffic analysis. Additionally, network management systems differ from company to company. For instance, they vary from free open source tools like Open-NMS systems to the preparatory HP Open-View systems. In addition, they can be enormously complicated, influential and refined. Thus, it is essential for an organization to select the right system for any task, just like a Cessna that we would select in place of a 747 to take us from Miami to the Bahamas. however we can select 747 to depart from New York to Los Angeles. Moreover, selection of a network management system does not only depend on price and user preference, however but it also depends on system functionality. Thus, by evaluating a number of additional apparent characteristics and deciding from there how they convince into the range of our company’s network management structure, we can be able to produce a category of tools (Orloff, 2006) and (Nash, 2000). In this scenario, Cisco has produced a very useful network management and monitoring application known as EM7. It inspects and keeps record of a large collection of network management tools and applications, user services and network services. In addition, Cisco EM7 system security presents a high quality security facilities and utilities varying from switches to routers like that IronPort, and rising technologies like that Cisco Call-Manager and Cisco TelePresence (Orloff, 2006), (Nash, 2000) and (Cisco, 2011). Now I will discuss about the HP network management systems that has been improved Network Management Center (NMC software) to version 9.1. Additionally, this new version of network management system incorporates network monitoring and fault control software as well as has the capability of managing large-size networks. In addition, the HP Network Management Center system version 9.1 incorporates multi-tenancy potential and security groups that could be placed in split data silos, as well as will range from 25,000 to two million network operational nodes (Thomson, 2011). Moreover, there is another useful network management system known as Tivoli Server, which is created by IBM. In network management, IBM Tivoli Server is compatible with network and other device management products. Thus, it facilitates network managers to organize a back-to-back arrangement of our network structure. In addition, it is an integrated technique to resource management, provisioning and inspecting as well as fault avoidance and resolution. Moreover, these products are very helpful to the project managers in computerizing tedious IT working and procedures and conveying optimized resources without delay to deal with varying organizational needs as well as to convene service level arrangements (IBM, 2011). References Cisco. (2011). Cisco Monitoring. Retrieved July 05, 2011, from IBM. (2011). Server, Network and Device Management. Retrieved July 04, 2011, from Nash, J. (2000). Networking Essentials, MCSE Study Guide. California: IDG Books Worldwide, Inc. Orloff, J. (2006, May 31). How to choose a network management system. Retrieved July 05, 2011, from Thomson, I. (2011, May 17). HP updates network management software for cloud control and simpler management. Retrieved July 05, 2011, from Zyrion, Inc. (2011). Network Management Fundamentals. Retrieved July 07, 2011, from

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