Obama Gives Himself a Grade of ‘Incomplete’ After 18 Months
The article is about the personal judgment of President Obama with regards to his performance as the Executive Branch of government. He believed that a grade of ‘incomplete’ would sum up his performance because the country and what his administration has done for the country has only reached the halfway mark. Though he was able to sum up some of the good things that his administration was able to do—alleviating economic depression, health care reform, and saving the auto industry to name a few. He also acknowledges the fact that he cannot satisfy everyone. as long as the country has not fully recovered. “There is still much to be done.” He also pointed out that being criticized comes with the job so he understood why a lot of criticisms are being hurled on his way. But he was very optimistic in the sense that though not much credit is being given to his administration, he wants to still do a good job as the leader of the country. Because he believed that what he is doing is not only for this generation but he believed in making America strong so that when his daughters have kids, they would be the one to enjoy the fruits of his labor.
I have to agree with President Obama that his administration merits undue credits. For one, I believe that his efforts with regards to health care reform are very much undermined. Past presidents have attempted to improve health care services to adapt to changing demands and needs of the people but it was Obama’s determination that finally made it push through. Another is that, I believe on Obama’s leadership skills. He is not a traditional politician and people are quite uncomfortable with that fact. Furthermore, since he is the first African-American president, I think most people are still not in terms with that idea. That is why most criticisms about him, in my opinion, are not really about political issues but about personal resentment and biases. I believe that Obama would create a lasting legacy worthy to be remembered—as the president who helped the country recover from another economic depression and not just as the first African American president.
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02 August 2010
Continuation of the National Emergency with Respect to the Actions of Certain Persons to Undermine the Sovereignty of Lebanon or its Democratic Processes and Institutions
The White House
This article is a press release from the White House’s Office of the Press Secretary with respect to the Executive Order 13441. Executive Order 13411 declares a national emergency in relation to the status of sovereignty of Lebanon. The Executive Order was issued in August 2007 and is being extended by President Obama for another year. This is due to the dealings of “certain individuals” that threaten the sovereignty of Lebanon’s government and its institution thus contributing to political and economic instability of the country. The United States acknowledges the positive turn between the Syria-Lebanon relations but in light of the continuing high-powered arm cartel, it is foreseen by the US government to extend the Executive Order 13441 beyond August 1 2010. This is to preserve diplomatic ties and to ensure that appropriate measures are undertaken in terms of foreign policy of the United States.
I am not quite sure how the United States seemed to be involved between Syria and Lebanon relations. After all, the diplomatic problems are between the two ‘rival’ countries. But then again, as the most powerful country in the world, I guess, other countries’ business is also our business. Especially since the incident involves the matter of national security and transportation of sophisticated fire power. I believe Executive Order 13441 is a preventive or a precautionary measure in the part of the government although it is quite biased towards the Lebanese government. I say this because the Executive Order was about preserving the democracy in Lebanon and even hinting that Syria is the threat to its democracy, government, and economy. I do not think that this affects the whole country or that it has much impact at all. Is Executive Order 13441 necessary?—Maybe. But I also believe that the government should refrain from involving the country on problems that does not really concern us.

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