US Foreign Policy towards Third World Countries Over the years the United s involvement and addressing of the issues of third world countries has been put into question. US having a stable economy for years had the power to dominate the United Nations and other important bodies that mattered to the existence of third world countries. What has been questioned is its involvement in the fights involving different communities and its biased support when it comes to soliciting for a solution. For instance, it is questioned why US decided to intervene in the Somalia war yet it did not offer a solution when there was a genocide in Rwanda in 1994. Another issue noted is the effect of the US interference on stable countries which include Libya and Egypt. For a long time these two Arabic dominated countries have had the best economies in Africa. However, due to some deemed selfish interference from the US the presidents were removed from power, Muammar Gaddafi was killed as the Egypt president was detained. At the moment the two are still in wrangles and the US is nowhere to be seen.
According to Henry (1999), many third world countries rely on the US for aide to facilitate various projects in the respective countries. This has put them in awkward positions as they have to ensure that they do things that are in line with the US references. US has been accused of being biased in political issues and favoring certain candidates. On January, 2013 before the Kenyan presidential elections Johnnie Carson, the US Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs warned Kenyan from voting the candidates with cases at the ICC. This was highly criticized as it showed partisan in the elections and it served to show how biased the US can be at times.
Cited Work
Rosemont, Henry. The Truth behind US Foreign Policy. Violence for Power and Profit. August 1999. Available at.

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